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Islamic Education

The Muslim Association of Brantford assists Muslims in acquiring Quran and Islamic knowledge. To fulfill this obligation, the Association organizes special sessions and classes at the Mosque and in the Community. The Muslim Association of Brantford is also running a Sunday school since 1980 as part of the Heritage Languages Program.

You can view more details on the programs here.


Since the Association acquired an office in Brantford in 1982, special efforts have been made to collect books on Islam. The present collection at the Mosque has books written in many languages. Teachers and students from local schools are given access to the library at the Mosque.

A Large Community Hall For Use

Looking for a spacious, clean, formal hall? The Brantford Mosque Community Hall is now for general use!
The Community Hall at the Brantford Mosque is available for use. The Hall has a spacious seating which can accommodate 200 guests. It can be booked for a nominal charge to cover the cleaning cost ($100).
The Hall has a large kitchen. It is used for warming and serving food only. It has a commercial size range, 2 large coffee urns, and 2 microwave ovens. As well, the kitchen has wide window with a large counter (bar-style) to facilitate serving. In addition, there are 2 refrigerators for storing and cooling food.
Our community hall can be used for multi purpose gatherings. It is ideal for Muslim celebrations such as Aqiqah, Weddings, Nikah, and etc.
Muslims who use the Hall for gatherings will enjoy:

  • A clean spacious dining room
  • Clean toilets and Wudu areas
  • Masjids for prayers, to be used by both genders

Local Organizations may book our Community Hall for their meetings. Please use our online contact us form if you are interested in booking our Community Hall.

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Counseling Service

The Imam of Brantford Mosque provides personal and family counseling. To benefit from this free service, please contact the Imam of the Mosque for an appointment.

Burial and Janaza

With Allah's help, we have our burial site at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Brantford . In the event of death, the Association will help in making the necessary arrangements for Ghusl, Salat-el-Janaza and burial.

Click this link to download the guide (document) describing the complete process

Gathering for Khatm-el-Quran can be arranged at the Mosque upon request.

Ramadan Program

In collaboration with other Muslim Associations/Communities, the Muslim Association of Brantford determines the beginning and the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. A time table is made and distributed for that purpose. A  Hafez is invited every year to lead Taraweeh prayer. Pot-Luck and Iftari parties are also organized. The Muslim Association of Brantford invites non-Muslims to Iftari dinners (Parties for breaking fast at the sunset) during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Thanks be to God, Brantford Mosque is big enough to accommodate Eid prayers and  Eid celebration.

You can view the fasting timetable here


The Muslim Association of Brantford has a Licensed Imam to solemnize marriages according to Islamic Sharia (Law).

Muslim Festivals

Major celebrations and Commemorations are planned and observed at Brantford Mosque such as, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, Melad-ul-Nab, Ashura, Isra and Meraj, Aqiqa etc.

You can view more details on the Eid Celebrations here.

Dawa (Muslim Call)

The Muslim Association of Brantford plans and carries out Dawa in the community. Visitors and schools are invited to the Brantford Mosque. Written information about Islam and copies of Quran are provided upon request.